Which Mattress Richmond VA Should You Buy

Buying a mattress Richmond VA can be one of the most difficult things on earth to do. For many people, buying a mattress can be a real headache. This is because there is a huge variety of mattresses available in the market and they also don’t come for cheap. Therefore, it is quite obvious that all people would be thinking a thousand times before buying a mattress for themselves. We suggest that you chose good furniture and mattress stores if you really want to buy suitable mattress for yourself. One of the best places to buy mattresses for yourself is the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. You would be finding great mattresses at this place and that too at very affordable costs. Visit www.abfrichmond.com to know more.

Types of mattress Richmond VA

There are many types of mattress available in the market these days and every kind of mattress is suitable for different kind of people. Let us have a look at the mattresses that would be suiting your needs.

  • mattress Richmond VAInnerspring mattresses- the innerspring mattresses are the most popular kinds of mattresses available these days. The mattresses have steel coils in the core of the bed. These coils have been wrapped in different pockets of fabric. This core is then wrapped with a cover of padded mattress material. In general, a full sized mattress would be containing more than 300 coils at one time. These coils would be handling support and comfort of the users. There may be many micro coils in the mattresses as well. These are advanced mattress Richmond VA which would be providing additional comfort to the users. There are many innerspring mattresses which would be providing movement comfort as well. You must use these mattresses if you are suffering from back pain issues.
  • Memory foam mattresses- these mattresses are getting more and more popular these days because they have a wonderful design and they provide more comfort than usual. These mattresses can be used by people who want more comfort while suffering from arthritis or back pain. However, the memory foam should be firm in this case otherwise the problems will worsen with their usage. These mattress Richmond VA frequently come with a gel layer in order to provide temperature control as well. The mattresses do not heat up and provide ample ventilation too. If you are living in hotter areas, then these mattresses can be a great choice for you.
  • Latex mattresses- the natural latex mattresses are great to be used by people who are suffering from some kind of allergies. There are many synthetic latex varieties as well. They are mostly ecofriendly mattress Richmond VA that would be keeping away bugs, dust and allergies as well. The smell of these mattresses is also more pleasant as compared to the memory foam mattresses. Plus, the latex mattress provide better temperature control as compared to the memory foam mattresses.

These were the kinds of mattresses that you can chose from the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture stores. Make sure you buy only as per your needs.

Myrtle Beach Furniture Store Furniture Trends

Trends come and go every year but some are so influential that they change the furniture industry of their times. The last year has been an year of transformation. We learnt a lot about furniture and how more artistic furniture can be made by employing a little creativity. It would be great to see how the furniture industry changes with the new trends ruling the buying decisions these days. We made a shift from many old buying patterns and created many more in the Myrtle Beach furniture store. The designs are not only new, but recycled as well. The combinations that you would be witnessing this year would be more innovative in nature and there would be many new designs that would be getting our attention this season.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that home designs are becoming increasingly depersonalized and people are moving towards more neutral design philosophies that remain largely the same all through the house. The contemporary home designs are based on mass produced furniture that come with occasional influences from the artistic and designer furniture category. Younger residents are liking more urbane and minimalistic themes these days which are suitable for apartments and condos. What are the furniture trends that would be ruling this season? Let’s have a look.

Trends to watch out for in the Myrtle Beach furniture store

Myrtle Beach furniture storeThis year would be dedicated to the creative patterns in furniture, specially chairs and couches. Zebra patterns are of the most popular in this category and people are loving the prints and designs that can be matched against their walls. In fact, these designs are being chosen on the basis of the background of the furniture. Tables or other kind of furniture are totally devoid of this kind of influences but chairs and couches remain to come in colorful and very striking patterns. Animal prints would be the hottest patterns to watch out for in the Myrtle Beach furniture store.

The second most important furniture trends of the Myrtle Beach furniture store is the storage bed. In fact, most of the furniture that comes with additional storage space is being preferred these days. You would be finding a lot of underbed storage with drawer boxes and cabinets in the typical beds that we have used. Divan beds are very popular these days as they solve the problem of storage space. These beds are specially being preferred by kids, teens and younger buyers. If you live in condos or apartments, then there is definitely nothing better than a practical furniture design like this.

‘Big and pricey’ has ceased to be in vogue these days. Everyone is preferring furniture that is practical and small. Moreover, people are more concerned about prices now. Therefore, they want something that can give more value for their money. Old hardwood furniture is now being avoided and people are experimenting with modern furniture materials like softwood, particle boards, rattan and much more. You must visit the Myrtle Beach furniture store today and find out the best for you. The Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store is the best space for this kind of attractive and affordable furniture buying. Check more info on www.abfmyrtlebeach.com

Charleston SC Furniture Stores Furniture Color Trends

If you go a few years back in time, you would only find furniture in boring shades of brown. This furniture has become a liability on the owners as they were not able to experiment with their home décor. Moreover, painting this kind of furniture in a new color was definitely a pain and it never gave as great results as expected. Therefore, you have to buy all new furniture that is not only trendy but beautiful as well. Hundreds of people flock to the Charleston SC furniture stores every season to buy their favorite kind of furniture. The most popular of these furniture stores is the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. You would be finding an amazing variety of furniture in this space which would help you in getting better furniture that suits your style, that too in a budget. Please check out – www.abfcharleston.com

These days, the color of furniture that you are buying from the Charleston SC furniture stores has become as important as the style of furniture that you are buying. The influences are definitely being drawn from the years gone by, but the colors and designs that you find are all new and fantastic. You must chose the color of the furniture as per the color that you are using in the space where the furniture is being kept. Let us explore the furniture color trends that you must follow this season.

Furniture color trends in Charleston SC furniture stores

Here is a list of some colors that would be making headlines in this season:

  • Charleston SC furniture storesTaupe- taupe is one of the most sought after colors of this season. Taupe is actually a color that has been defined as dove gray, oyster gray and even sand. That depends on the hues of this color that you are using. This is one of the most modern colors that you can be using in your home design these days. The color is popular because it is very functional and practical. It has a warm effect but is still neutral enough for another color to look brighter and beautiful. The contemporary houses are really adopting the taupe color because of these qualities. This versatile color has become even more popular because of its runway applications. Most of the people coming to the Charleston SC furniture stores are now demanding this kind of furniture. Taupe can be used with a bold color palette or even with white if you don’t want to be too experimental.
  • Mustard- this deep but dull shade of yellow is also a popular choice for home design and many people are demanding this color in their furniture at the Charleston SC furniture stores. However, make sure that you chose the right style and furniture design or the color might look very bad.
  • Green- this is the most beautiful and versatile color that you can use in your house. Use green in furniture pieces and also in your home décor in order to get the best results. When you go to the furniture store, experiment with different shades of green to get the best looks.

Find A Green Spa Bathroom At Home

Find A Green Spa Bathroom At HomeIf you love great home designs, then you definitely can’t ignore the bathroom. This is one of the most beautiful and sacred spaces in your house and if you really want some kind of great home décor, then you must first start thinking about your bathroom. The hottest color of this season is the most soothing as well. This color is green. The color has been able to make headlines this year and it is expected that it would continue to influence home designs for the next couple of years as well. The best thing about the green hue is that it is very relaxing and comforting. These qualities match perfectly with what every person is looking for in a good bathroom. So it is better that you use green in this space of your house and stay happy with what it has to provide you.

The green spa bathroom theme that we would be talking about is designed for more open bathrooms.  The more space you have, the more beautiful would this theme look. However, the theme is very minimalistic in nature. Therefore, even smaller bathrooms should not have much problem in accommodating the theme properly. However, in that case, you must use a slightly lighter shade of the green hue so that the hue doesn’t overwhelmed you on entering the bathroom. The idea is to paint one of the walls of the bathroom is citrus green color, also known as lime green. This is the most popular shade of green amongst designers and homeowners alike. Therefore, you must make sure that you are using this hue in your house to get a very trendy and modern design idea. If you wish, you can color two adjacent walls in this color. The rest of the walls must be painted either in white or in golden and grainy sand brown.

The bathtub or any of the bath fittings that you use in this bathroom should be off white in color. This would help you in creating a more beautiful and serene environment in the bathroom. Remember, you would have to be very careful in the usage of white here. Lime green and white complement each other really well, but you don’t have to use an excessive amount of white in the bathroom. It would be very difficult to clean and the room would look very mismatched as well. Use all bathroom decorative and furnishings in white and accent them with a very beautiful and pastel green or pistachio green to get a beautiful effect.

When everything else is complete, it is time to give a tangy twist to the bathroom. Use tangerine or orange colored bath accessories. The towels, curtains etc. should be orange or tangerine in color. You can chose between green and orange when it comes to rugs. If the floor is white, you can chose green. However, if the floor is some other color, then always opt for orange. Your soothing bathroom with a beautiful fruity tinge is ready now.

Friends Of Green-Color Combos We Like The Most

Friends Of Green-Color Combos We Like The MostGreen is one of the best and the most versatile colors that can be used in home decoration. The color is so beautiful and attractive, that you can use it in every room of your house with ease. There are absolutely no issues regarding the dearth of shades. When it comes to green, you can get an innumerable number of shades that match with every single color in existence. As a result, you are always left with plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, you are always able to get the right kind of effect when used with other colors. This might also confuse you at times. Green looks great with every color and you might not be able to decide the color it looks the best with. Don’t worry. We have prepared a small list of the colors that look perfect with green. You can use each of these colors in different areas of your house to create a great look. Let us learn more about these colors and their usage.

  • White- white is probably the best color that compliments green. These days, white is being used frequently in combination with lime green. This color combination helps you in getting the best of the furniture items and wall paints. The most popular style is using lime green walls with off white furniture. However, if you are using any lighter shades of green, then keep a check on white as the room would not look very good.
  • Brown- this is a traditional favorite. If you want to give a forest-like appearance to your room or if you don’t wish to be too experimental with the home design, then you can go for green colored walls that are ably matched with dark brown furniture. You can even use lighter shades of brown with any shade of green. Typically, dark brown would be suiting almost every shade of green that you have used. If you are decorating on a budget, then you won’t even have to change your house furniture to achieve this kind of a theme.
  • Purple- this year would be dedicated to green as well as purple. Therefore, you can definitely think about using purple with green. One color should be used sparingly than the other, otherwise you would never be able to achieve the right effect. Typically, the lighter and brighter shades of purple would match well with the deeper shades of green. Don’t go for deep purple walls and green furniture in any case, or even vice versa.
  • Black- if you want your space to look rich and affluent, then this is the combination that you must chose. Ideally, this combination is suitable more for the kitchen and bathroom than any other space-
  • Yellow- both green and yellow are very natural and sunny shades. Therefore, using them together would be a great idea. Always try to use similar shades and depth in both the color. If you opt for pastel green, go for pastel yellow and if you opt for lemon yellow, go for lime green.

An Inspiring Green And Purple Kids Bedroom

An Inspiring Green And Purple Kids BedroomGreen and purple would be the two colors that would be used the most in home designing and furnishing this year. Both these colors are beautiful and very comforting. You would be finding that these colors are inspiring, relaxing and quite serene at the same time. As a result of this, you would be able to get a great color palette to choose from. The best thing is that these two colors are really able to blend in with almost every hue in the palette. Therefore, you would not have a very hard time in deciding what to choose. In fact, using these two colors together would also be a great idea. They are both quite amazing colors and when they are used together in your kid’s bedroom, you can expect more than amazement in their eyes.

The color palette that we would be using in this room would be using two major and two minor colors. We are not following a typical two color palette here are children like things to be more colorful and if we just focus on a couple of colors, we would definitely be giving them a chance to get bored really soon. The two major colors would be green and purple (two shades of purple would be used) and the two minor colors would be white and brown (two shades of this colors too). Start by decorating the walls in a very light sun kissed green hue. The color should be very light and beautiful. The accents and architectural details of the house should be colored in off white as it would present a good contrast in the room. The lesser you use white in bigger spaces, the better.

Now, buy furniture in very light brown or hues. The floor of the room should also match this hue. The wooden planks on the storage cabinets, the drawers, and wardrobes should be purple in color. Actually, you should stick to the lighter shade of purple or lilac in this space. The chair should be a rolling metal chair with beige wooden backrest. Choose a mattress and duvet cover in creamy white shade. Team it up with deep purple sheets and pillow covers that come with dark golden brown accents. Keep a big rectangular rug on the floor that comes with the same deep purple shade. Where the wall is while, use the storage furniture and racks for beautification. However, where the walls are green, don’t use more than a couple of photo frames in white.

There are a few things that you must definitely consider while decorating a room in this way. Always make sure that you are letting ample sunlight enter the room of the child. It would help in accentuating the colors of the room. Moreover, do not use too much furniture or design elements in the room. The more open and spacious the room, the better appearance it would have. You can use this theme in smaller rooms as well. As the colors are very light, the room would appear bigger than it is.

The Green And Red Teen Bedroom

The Green And Red Teen BedroomTeen boys are considered to be more geared towards bikes, cars and wrestling sports. However, the smallest of the lot, i.e. children up to 13 years of age (including pre-adolescents) do not readily accept those changes in their life. Unless your child is naturally inclined towards these things, he would definitely take his time in transforming himself and understanding his teen personality. Though teenage is an age of transformation in itself, you have to make the shift to teenage more comfortable. At these times, parents often do not understand what theme they should use in their kid’s bedroom. If you are also going through the same, then we suggest that you opt for color based themes.

This kind of themes are equally attractive for the kids but they have a very neutral appeal too. Your child would get ample time to decorate the theme according to his own wish. Moreover, these themes are so adaptable to changes that you would not have to work too hard to make any changes and give a completely new look to the bedroom. A holiday inspired green and red bedroom would definitely be a great choice for teenagers, especially boys. The theme is very simple and would largely be dependent on green and red. We would also be using beige and white colors sparingly in order to provide a beautiful, colorful and accented appearance to the room. Start by coloring the walls of the room. The opposite walls should be colored in the same colors. Go for green and white as the wall colors.

Chose furniture in beige colors that comes with doors and planks in bright red color. Right from the bed to the wall units and the wardrobes, you must be using only the beige and red color scheme. If you can’t find any such furniture in the stores (which is an extremely rare possibility) you can even paint such furniture at home. Decorate the bed with multi-colored duvet covers and dual tone plain green and red sheets. Finally, add a red colored rug in the room to get the best effect. The study table should be all beige in color. You can affix some green accessories to the table if you wish. This table should be an industrial style metal table with a wooden table top. Add a rolling red colored metal and plastic chair with comfortable upholstery.

Ideally, this should be enough to complete the look of the room. You can introduce small decorative in the room in both red and green colors to make the room appear more interesting. Remember, the green should be light, bright but solid. On the other hand, chose as deep shade of red as possible. Never use too bright reds or they would start to appear irritating after some time. Pillows and cushions can be green in color. You can use moss green for this purpose. He room is now ready to welcome your teen child. Let him enjoy this room and customize it the way he likes.

A Green Dining Area

A Green Dining AreaGreen is one of the most versatile colors that you would be finding around. In fact, decorating with green has become one of the most popular trends of this year. Most of the people who wish to get the green home design ideas without going over budget love the concept of the green dining area. This is one of the simplest ways in which you can get the look of the popular green decoration without ever having to worry about the money that you are spending. The theme is primarily dependent on three colors. These colors are green, brown and off white. The theme is perfect for any kind of dining rooms, regardless of their size. Let us first understand the basics of this theme.

The walls of the dining room would be painted in green. They would be accented with off white on the top and bottom. The furniture that you would be using would be more about wooden frames than about upholstery. There would be one big dining set along with a kitchen cabinet that would be placed on one side of the dining space. This is all, this kind of furniture and home décor style is very minimalistic. The most that you would have to do after this is done is get a few photo frames that can be placed on the walls. Keep one beautiful glass vase with fresh flowers on the table to get the best effect. If you have to use napkins, they should be off white in color. This would help in creating a brand new look in the dining area without much effort.

Now, we would be talking about the colors of this theme. The white accents would remain the same, regardless of the shades that you are using on the walls and on the furniture. The most basic kind of color scheme would be the usage of light moss green walls with very deep chocolate brown furniture. Another option can be the usage of citrus green along with oak brown or beige furniture. Yet another option can be the use of light forest green along with beige furniture. This color would also go well along with the deep chocolate brown furniture. Using green colored furniture in this theme is not a very bright idea. However, the theme is very customizable and simple and making changes would be very easy.

If you want to use green colored furniture, then it would be better if you use some pastel shades on the walls. Our favorite is yellow or blue. In that case, you would also have the choice of using green colored furniture. However, we would suggest that you try to use furniture with green upholstery instead of investing in wooden or metal furniture that has been painted in green color. We find that this is one of the most beautiful color schemes ever. Simply use your imagination and experiment with different colors to get the right effect. Pistachio green and pastel green are great choices for your dining room.

Importance Of Green Color In Interior Designing

Importance Of Green Color In Interior Designing Colors are an instant and reasonable way to change your room. They depict your personality and can set your mood. Paints of particular color can change your mood like blues and greens can make you feel calm. People react differently to colors but there is no doubt that they elicit certain feelings and emotions. Therefore, choosing right color for the interior designing is really important.

All colors symbolize something good like yellow symbolizes happiness and energy. Red symbolizes passion and hunger. In the same way, green color symbolizes nature.

It is the color of earth and being surrounded by green colored items shows that how much you love nature.

It is the most popular color that is often used in interior designing as it gives a refreshing look to your place. It can be used on the floors, walls, sofa, carpets and other decorations. Since, this color is not too dark or too bright therefore, it can mix with any décor style.

Nature has given different shades of green from bright to pale that can be used in the home decoration. These different shades express different feelings. For example, dark green color of forest expresses security and strength. Light green color that is sharper in hue expresses freshness, rejuvenation and a sense of moving forward. Soft mint green color expresses calmness and hence, it is often preferred in hospital rooms or nurseries. Green color also symbolizes growth and wealth. This is the reason why walls of schools and universities are usually green in color.

When it comes to your home, you can use bright colors and subtle colors for various sections of the house. For example, you can use bright green color on the walls to lift your mood up and you can use light subtle green color in the study or library area to provide a calm and sophisticated look. Green color is often preferred in bedrooms, as it looks relaxing and calm. After a long hard day, you can have relaxed evening hours followed by a sound sleep in the night. Besides, some subtle shades of green can also be used in the offices. You can also use all the shades of green in one room. It will make small rooms look good. But, using same shades of green in large room can make it look boring.

You can also paint the walls of your bathroom with green color that can make you feel fresh. You can feel like you are taking shower in the place surrounded by nature. Green colors can be used in the kitchen walls and cabinets. It will make you feel homey and relaxed.

While using darker shades, you should take care of color combinations. Usually, it goes well with the strong colors but it can be used with subtle colors as well. Whatever combination you use, make sure that green color doesn’t overpower other colors.

Apparently, green color is versatile, refreshing and has a very soothing effect on people.

How To Design Your Bedroom

How To Design Your Bedroom Designing of bedroom becomes really simple if you take a look around to estimate the size of the room. A proper research can help you to ensure that you buy what you want for your bedroom in order to make it comfortable and cozy. With buying stuff, you can also renovate your bedroom with the paint.

First, you usually start by deciding the budget. Then you can decide to buy the essential items and other accessories. For example, if you have good money then you can buy king size bed and if you are low on budget then you can buy queen-size bed. Then you can buy side stools, which look perfect with the bed. Then you can place a lamp on it to make it look fabulous. If your budget allows then, you can paint the wall behind the bed with the pale green color, which makes the room look cozier. When the light of the lamp falls on that wall, it can make a beautiful pattern on it.

With budget, always take size of the room in consideration, as you don’t want to put the big bed in a smaller room. It will make the place look over crowded. If your room is large then, you can buy other furniture items to make the room more functional. While choosing furniture, also consider the décor of your room. If you want to decorate in contemporary style then, you can buy modern bed with storage in it.

Whenever you use sheet on the bed, make sure it is of good and soothing colors. For example, you can use bed sheet of light green color, which has soothing effect on people. It will make you feel calm and relaxed. In addition to this, you can place some cushions and pillows on the bed. These cushions should be in the color, which can complement the green color of your bed sheet. For example, you can use cushions of emerald green color to make it a perfect combination.

If you buy a small cabinet facing the bed, make sure it complements the bed. For example, you can place a cabinet of rustic green color facing the bed of traditional style. This way, the cabinet can also match with the walls of the bedroom. On the top of the cabinet, you can also place some small plants in glass vase or some decorations.

The most important thing to consider in a bedroom is the storage or wardrobe. You want storage to keep your clothes, bags, shoes and other possessions. It should not be only functional but also it should look perfect with the other furniture items. You can again go for rustic green look or you design it in modern look. With the proper drawers, you can keep small items in the wardrobe. Drawers in the side stools can also be used to keep small items.

At last, don’t forget about lights in your bedroom. Lights can set the mood perfectly. You can also use some aroma candles that can relax you after long tiring office hours.

Green Touches To Your Home Decor

Green Touches To Your Home DecorChoosing green décor depicts that how much you love to be around nature. Adding green color to your home décor can make your house look more beautiful and serene.

Obviously you can start with some conventional ideas like changing the furniture style and the color of your walls. But, there can be better ways that can beautify your place in a pocket friendly manner.

You can start with planting trees in the pots around the house. Make your garden area look beautiful with the beautiful patio furniture. You can buy good color furniture, which can match with the green color of nature. You can also place some plants in the indoors. For example, you can place a money plant in a beautiful pot in the living area and can keep a small bamboo plant on the dining table. You can also keep a tub of jasmine on the table. These planting tips will not only beautify the place but also they provide various health benefits. For example, aroma of jasmine helps people who suffer from insomnia and depression. Besides, it freshens up the air around the house.

Glass jars in interesting and unique forms can really look classy and elegant. It is inexpensive and it blends with almost every type of decor. Besides, if you put upholstered sofa in your living room then you can prefer natural fibers, which impart a relaxing look.

If you are planning to buy new furniture then you can go for modern furniture with trendy colors like green. Modern furniture is not functional but it will also help you to keep up the fashion. However, changing old furniture can be really expensive for you sometimes. So, you can always go for the polishing of old furniture.

You can also make some decorative pieces like wall hangings or colorful streamers with recycled or reused materials and can decorate your place with it. Recycled goods can give your home a rustic look and feel. Besides, you should avoid using artificial decorations like artificial lighting. You can use eco friendly candles to set the mood of the room sometimes.

If you have a good budget then you can also go for coloring your walls with green color or creating some art on the wall, which is close to nature. It will make you feel calm and relaxed, as green color is soothing to eyes. If your budget doesn’t allow you to paint your walls then you can stick some beautiful stickers of trees on the wall. This is a new trend that is followed by people today and an inexpensive way to make your walls look beautiful.

By doing these things you can also motivate your friends and guests who visit your place and you can be the reason for a good change in the surroundings around you. You can also give organic gifts to your loved ones like you can gift a bamboo plant to someone on his or her birthday. This is an unconventional thought, which will make your gift look special.

Furniture And Curtains That Match Your Green Walls

Furniture And Curtains That Match Your Green WallsGreen is the most preferred color in homes as it creates a calm and relaxing environment. Matching the color of furniture and curtains can create an amazing and comfortable look in your home. There is a range of options available that can be used to accentuate your walls. Here are some tips, which will help you to match the walls with curtains and furniture.

For furniture, you can always go for neutral colors like dark sand or camel color, as they look great with green walls. If you still find it difficult to choose a particular color then, you can use the color wheel to see how colors are related to each other. You can choose different shades of green altogether to decorate the area with curtain or furniture or you can use complementary colors for modern look. Red and purple colors of furniture complement the green walls perfectly. Complementing colors are a good idea for large rooms.

With pale green colored wall, dark wooden color like walnut is preferred for furniture. But if the color of the wall is dark green then you can prefer furniture in white color or some other light color to make a good contrast. Try to avoid dark colored furniture if your room receives less sunlight or the walls are dark in color as it makes the room look smaller and darker. For curtains, you can go for different colors and patterns with green walls. For example, if the walls of your room are medium warm-green in color then you can use charcoal grey curtain with a complementary red tone. To highlight your walls, you can also white curtains with an interesting pattern printed on them. You can also use light brown and yellow curtains to have a feel of nature around you.

White curtains with orange or blue pattern look good with light and dark warm green colored wall. You can use dark green curtains with light warm green colored wall. It helps you to achieve a lively tone in your house. Besides, with dark olive walls, you can go for curtains in silky peach, light grays, light green and salmon color. Pinks can be used for maximum contrasts in the room. Unlike warm green color, cool green colors have blue undertones that can create an aquatic look in the room. You can provide a great color contrast to the room by using a combination of white patterned curtains and complementary red, orange or violet curtains. Peach, medium warm gray or red brown colored curtains also go well.

If your walls are colored with mint green color then you can use dark gray curtains for a sophisticated look. Orange- red also complements green color in a vivid way. If the wall is painted with dark cool green color then you can use peach, salmon, light orange-browns in curtains. If your room is small then stick with the varying shades of green or neutral colored furniture. Large rooms look dull if you use same colors. Therefore, some extra colors have to be used to make the area look more interesting.

Decorate Your Home With The Shades Of Green

Decorate Your Home With The Shades Of GreenGreen color brings a sense of rejuvenation and renewal that can make people feel relaxed and good. Some modern touches to your place inspired by nature can become focal points in your living room. Using shades of green in the different areas of your house can take away your worries and make you feel calm. There are many shades of green that can change or set the tone of a particular area.

You can use bright green color on the wall to lift your mood up. Coloring the entire wall with the bright green color can make it look intense. So, you can color a particular area, a strip or you can outline the doorway. You can also paint the bottom or top third of the area. Whatever way you choose to color your wall, make sure that you don’t make it look childish or weird. You can also hang green colored shelves on the wall that can be matched with the décor of the room.

You can also make your boring white bathroom look fresher with the pale green color. You can use white tiles on the top and pale green tiles on the bottom. Try to avoid using green colored tiles on the whole area, as this will darken your bathroom. This pattern keeps the bathroom crisp. Besides, you can paint the walls white to make a good contrast. You can also make your bubble bath enticing with an arrangement of potted plants in the bathroom area and pale celery colored painting on the wall. This will take your worries away while bathing.

For your bedrooms, you can go for soft sage or celery green colors. These colors are soothing and create a relaxing environment in the bedroom. Then, you can make a flower patterned art or paste a sticker of tree on the wall. You can color a single wall with this color and keep other walls in lighter shade to make the room look good. Besides, if you want to keep the walls of your room white then, you can use curtains with a pattern of green leaves with a complementary cream color. This combination can also be used in the fabrics of furniture that can give a softer feel to your green living room.

Lightest shade of green can be used in areas like library to provide a sophisticated and calm environment. Then, you can use bright carpet on the floor to make the place look nice. In other rooms, where light colors like white are used, you can use bold accessories to enhance the look like an emerald velvet pillow on the big sofa chair and sculptures in the study. Other than this, you can also use light green colored bed sheet on your bed, which energizes you and creates a neutral mood in the room.

Decorating room with the green color whether its celery or emerald can transform an ordinary place into a rich place. These ideas will help you to make good use of green color in your home.