Which Mattress Richmond VA Should You Buy

Buying a mattress Richmond VA can be one of the most difficult things on earth to do. For many people, buying a mattress can be a real headache. This is because there is a huge variety of mattresses available in the market and they also don’t come for cheap. Therefore, it is quite obvious that all people would be thinking a thousand times before buying a mattress for themselves. We suggest that you chose good furniture and mattress stores if you really want to buy suitable mattress for yourself. One of the best places to buy mattresses for yourself is the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. You would be finding great mattresses at this place and that too at very affordable costs. Visit www.abfrichmond.com to know more.

Types of mattress Richmond VA

There are many types of mattress available in the market these days and every kind of mattress is suitable for different kind of people. Let us have a look at the mattresses that would be suiting your needs.

  • mattress Richmond VAInnerspring mattresses- the innerspring mattresses are the most popular kinds of mattresses available these days. The mattresses have steel coils in the core of the bed. These coils have been wrapped in different pockets of fabric. This core is then wrapped with a cover of padded mattress material. In general, a full sized mattress would be containing more than 300 coils at one time. These coils would be handling support and comfort of the users. There may be many micro coils in the mattresses as well. These are advanced mattress Richmond VA which would be providing additional comfort to the users. There are many innerspring mattresses which would be providing movement comfort as well. You must use these mattresses if you are suffering from back pain issues.
  • Memory foam mattresses- these mattresses are getting more and more popular these days because they have a wonderful design and they provide more comfort than usual. These mattresses can be used by people who want more comfort while suffering from arthritis or back pain. However, the memory foam should be firm in this case otherwise the problems will worsen with their usage. These mattress Richmond VA frequently come with a gel layer in order to provide temperature control as well. The mattresses do not heat up and provide ample ventilation too. If you are living in hotter areas, then these mattresses can be a great choice for you.
  • Latex mattresses- the natural latex mattresses are great to be used by people who are suffering from some kind of allergies. There are many synthetic latex varieties as well. They are mostly ecofriendly mattress Richmond VA that would be keeping away bugs, dust and allergies as well. The smell of these mattresses is also more pleasant as compared to the memory foam mattresses. Plus, the latex mattress provide better temperature control as compared to the memory foam mattresses.

These were the kinds of mattresses that you can chose from the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture stores. Make sure you buy only as per your needs.

Myrtle Beach Furniture Store Furniture Trends

Trends come and go every year but some are so influential that they change the furniture industry of their times. The last year has been an year of transformation. We learnt a lot about furniture and how more artistic furniture can be made by employing a little creativity. It would be great to see how the furniture industry changes with the new trends ruling the buying decisions these days. We made a shift from many old buying patterns and created many more in the Myrtle Beach furniture store. The designs are not only new, but recycled as well. The combinations that you would be witnessing this year would be more innovative in nature and there would be many new designs that would be getting our attention this season.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that home designs are becoming increasingly depersonalized and people are moving towards more neutral design philosophies that remain largely the same all through the house. The contemporary home designs are based on mass produced furniture that come with occasional influences from the artistic and designer furniture category. Younger residents are liking more urbane and minimalistic themes these days which are suitable for apartments and condos. What are the furniture trends that would be ruling this season? Let’s have a look.

Trends to watch out for in the Myrtle Beach furniture store

Myrtle Beach furniture storeThis year would be dedicated to the creative patterns in furniture, specially chairs and couches. Zebra patterns are of the most popular in this category and people are loving the prints and designs that can be matched against their walls. In fact, these designs are being chosen on the basis of the background of the furniture. Tables or other kind of furniture are totally devoid of this kind of influences but chairs and couches remain to come in colorful and very striking patterns. Animal prints would be the hottest patterns to watch out for in the Myrtle Beach furniture store.

The second most important furniture trends of the Myrtle Beach furniture store is the storage bed. In fact, most of the furniture that comes with additional storage space is being preferred these days. You would be finding a lot of underbed storage with drawer boxes and cabinets in the typical beds that we have used. Divan beds are very popular these days as they solve the problem of storage space. These beds are specially being preferred by kids, teens and younger buyers. If you live in condos or apartments, then there is definitely nothing better than a practical furniture design like this.

‘Big and pricey’ has ceased to be in vogue these days. Everyone is preferring furniture that is practical and small. Moreover, people are more concerned about prices now. Therefore, they want something that can give more value for their money. Old hardwood furniture is now being avoided and people are experimenting with modern furniture materials like softwood, particle boards, rattan and much more. You must visit the Myrtle Beach furniture store today and find out the best for you. The Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store is the best space for this kind of attractive and affordable furniture buying. Check more info on www.abfmyrtlebeach.com

Charleston SC Furniture Stores Furniture Color Trends

If you go a few years back in time, you would only find furniture in boring shades of brown. This furniture has become a liability on the owners as they were not able to experiment with their home décor. Moreover, painting this kind of furniture in a new color was definitely a pain and it never gave as great results as expected. Therefore, you have to buy all new furniture that is not only trendy but beautiful as well. Hundreds of people flock to the Charleston SC furniture stores every season to buy their favorite kind of furniture. The most popular of these furniture stores is the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. You would be finding an amazing variety of furniture in this space which would help you in getting better furniture that suits your style, that too in a budget. Please check out – www.abfcharleston.com

These days, the color of furniture that you are buying from the Charleston SC furniture stores has become as important as the style of furniture that you are buying. The influences are definitely being drawn from the years gone by, but the colors and designs that you find are all new and fantastic. You must chose the color of the furniture as per the color that you are using in the space where the furniture is being kept. Let us explore the furniture color trends that you must follow this season.

Furniture color trends in Charleston SC furniture stores

Here is a list of some colors that would be making headlines in this season:

  • Charleston SC furniture storesTaupe- taupe is one of the most sought after colors of this season. Taupe is actually a color that has been defined as dove gray, oyster gray and even sand. That depends on the hues of this color that you are using. This is one of the most modern colors that you can be using in your home design these days. The color is popular because it is very functional and practical. It has a warm effect but is still neutral enough for another color to look brighter and beautiful. The contemporary houses are really adopting the taupe color because of these qualities. This versatile color has become even more popular because of its runway applications. Most of the people coming to the Charleston SC furniture stores are now demanding this kind of furniture. Taupe can be used with a bold color palette or even with white if you don’t want to be too experimental.
  • Mustard- this deep but dull shade of yellow is also a popular choice for home design and many people are demanding this color in their furniture at the Charleston SC furniture stores. However, make sure that you chose the right style and furniture design or the color might look very bad.
  • Green- this is the most beautiful and versatile color that you can use in your house. Use green in furniture pieces and also in your home décor in order to get the best results. When you go to the furniture store, experiment with different shades of green to get the best looks.

Lime Green And White Themed Bedroom Décor

Lime Green And White Themed Bedroom DécorThere can be nothing better than a bedroom that provides you a sense of calm and serenity. After a long day at work, walking through the noise of the city and the busy office, all you need is comfort for yourself. The green hue is often connected with this sense of serenity and comfort. This is why, using the same hue for your bedroom décor would be a great idea. In fact, today, we would be talking about a stunning but minimalistic modern bedroom décor that is based on the green color. You simply have to find paint, decorative and furniture in the colors of the theme in order to get the desired results. Our green theme for today is deep and bright lime green used along with white.

As with any other theme, we would start with the basics first. Here, the basics start with the paint of the room. To get the theme working for you, start with a really deep but bright shade of green and color your walls in that color. Remember, you can’t color the whole room in this color. Therefore, it is better to leave green to the walls, specially the one next to the bed headboard. The accents can be provided with off white. If your house has more than plain walls and has some architectural details as well, then go for sandy brown to get the desired effect. Keep this color as light as possible and use it on the walls and areas that do not readily mix up with the green and white décor. This would help in avoiding green monotony and would also be helpful in providing you just the right dose of your favorite color.

If you have a wooden flooring, your room is going to look nicer than ever before. However, if the flooring is more or less white in color, you would have to buy an additional green rug to nullify the ‘emptiness’ brought in by the white flooring. Now, we would be talking about the decoration and furniture of the house. As the design concept is minimalistic in nature, you don’t have to buy much from the furniture store. If you are satisfied with your existing furniture, then simply color them in the way we suggest. The bed should be simple and white in color. The headboard should be low in height and as basic as possible. The headboard should be painted in green, with a broad white stripe on the top for a dual-tone effect.

Buy green duvet covers or green bed sheets but stick to white colored pillows. Now, buy a very simplistic chair that has a white frame but a green colored upholstery. Buy matching green curtains as well. Remember to match the shade. In order to avoid the green overdose, keep an all-white lamp on one side of the bed. The white should be an off white or egg white to get the right effect. You are ready with a beautiful lime green and white bedroom that provides instant relief to the eyes and mind.

One Bedroom, Many Greens

One Bedroom, Many GreensDesigning a bedroom for the kids can be a really tasking thing to do. If you do not have enough time to buy items for the kids, it is likely that you would mess up the theme and would be forced to spend an entire weekend to rework the bedroom again. Children need something that is more playful and beautiful as compared to the adult rooms. You have to make sure that their bedrooms reflect their playfulness and makes them rejoice in their own personal space. In this post, we would be talking about a special bedroom design for the kids. This theme is based on forests and panda bears. There is no way in which your child would not be loving the theme. Are you ready? Here we go.

To begin with this theme, we need to understand a few things. The green element in the theme is mostly based on the furniture that you buy. The room would largely be white or neutral in its appearance with occasional greens and whites. Therefore, this theme is easily achievable and if your child gets bored, you would only have to change the color of the furniture in order to get a brand new bedroom for your child. Begin by painting your walls in a greyish shade of white. Do not make it too dark or the bedroom would start to appear very gloomy.  If you have any architectural details in the house, then color them with green. If not, then simply color any adjacent walls in green and white.

The walls behind the bed should be covered in a white wallpaper that comes with blue and deep grey floral motif. It would present a very beautiful contrast against the white and deep forest green walls of the room. Now, it’s time to get the furniture. You would need a white colored bed for this theme. The bed should be very simple and minimalistic and in white color. You need a big rounded headboard that looks like the head of the panda. The mattress should be white but must come with deep forest green duvet covers or bed sheets that must match the color of the walls. Chose a moss green top sheet for a striking contrast. The cushions that you use should be grayish white and deep green.

The rest of the furniture would be a combination of green and white. Chose a tall wardrobe that comes with light lime green doors. The rest of the wardrobe should be white in color. Instead of the usual rounded knobs, you must find paw shaped knobs on the doors to go with the theme of the room. A white computer/study table with green accents and a similar chair is also needed to be placed in one corner of the room. Finally, use a small two-drawer chest beside the bed. One drawer should be white while the other should be green. Both must come with paw shaped knobs. To provide finishing touches, use a white and/or beige rug in the room.

Our Top Picks For Artistic Green Chairs

Our Top Picks For Artistic Green ChairsWhen it comes to buying really beautiful and authentic green chairs for your house, you have to focus on the design as well. Green is the color of nature. Therefore, you must ensure that you include some or the other natural patterns to make the furniture look awesome. On many occasions, you might also have to think about many different kinds of furniture options in the green hue. They may be traditional, modern or downright minimalistic. In order to ensure that you are getting the most unique furniture items for your house, you have to look for certain artistic influences. These days, there is absolutely no dearth of beautiful, artistic and designer chairs that present new concepts and a wide range of green furniture to choose from. Have a look at some green chairs that really inspired us this season.

  • The rose petal unfolding green chair- you can use it as a standalone item to work as a window porch or buy it for your for bar. In either case, this wonderful green chair would keep you hooked for long. The chair is actually a small stool that rests on a long softwood stand. This stand is supported by 4 wooden planks that provide structure and strength to the chair. The top of the chair i.e. the upholstery is the most important thing to be noted here. It is designed like a small rose flower spaghetti roll that unfolds from the sides and provides very minimal back support. The look is rather velvety and the appeal is also quite commendable. Just one or a couple of these chairs can really be great for your house.
  • Aquamarine green shell sofa- if you are looking for a standalone sofa chair that can be the center of attention of your living room, then you must definitely invest in this sofa. The sofa is designed with light foam-like material and has been designed like a sea shell. It comes with hollow margins on the edges and a concave shape in the middle that is used for seating. All along the chair, you would be finding very beautiful carvings that make it look exactly like a sea shell. The color is a very pale shade of aqua green that makes the furniture item look more genuine and authentic. The sofa is quite broad and looks more beautiful when used as a set of two with a glass table.
  • The leaf green coffee chair- the coffee table sets often come with straighter and minimalistic chairs. However, you really do not have to pay as much attention to the table as you have to pay to the chair. One of our favorite picks this season was the leaf green sofa. It has been designed exactly like a leaf and it definitely brings more furniture possibilities than ever. A chrome finished metal stand is complemented by a detailed upholstery that is designed exactly like a leaf. There is only a backrest and arm rests are avoided. The chair should be small enough in order to give the right appearance.

Why Using Green Is Important In Your House?

Why Using Green Is Important In Your House?The color green signifies a different kind of mood and energy. You might have seen many home designers and even homeowners focusing on the lighter and brighter home colors like red, green, orange and yellow. They use it in a combination with whites, grays and even browns to get the desired effect. However, these are classified as warm colors. If we follow the basics of colors, their meanings and the color healing methods, we find that such colors are known to warmify the environment. They would help in improving your mood and your appetite. Colors like red can even help you in getting a surge of energy and to bring life to you conversations. However, do you really think that warmth is all that you are looking for in your house?

The lifestyle that we are following these days is very hectic. We do not have much time for the self or even for our near and dear ones. As a result, we always end up with a bad mood, stress and anxiety. At such times, the extensive usage of warm colors in your house might mean an even more disturbed mood. This is why many homeowners nowadays are shifting to the cooler color schemes, which includes colors like blue and green. These two colors are softer, more serene and have a calming effect on the people. Right from the paint on the walls to the color of the furniture, green is one color that is being demanded the most by the people.

So why green? Actually, green is the color of nature. You would never be able to find a color that has a very soothing effect on you, no matter which shade you use. Green symbolizes nature, serenity, calmness and even fertility. Therefore, the moment you enter a room with a green colored décor, you would instantly feel calm and wonderful. You would be able to manage your life better and even take more composed decisions. Don’t you think that you would be benefitted because of the healing properties of this color? The green colored home décor themes are not just about being natural or using nature-inspired designs. You can get hundreds of modern and minimalistic designs as well.

Even traditional designs are now available in green color. The best thing about this color is that it is a favorite amongst artisans and furniture designs. Most of the wonderful artistic furniture that you find these days is available in a green hue. The rich forest green and moss green colors are to be found in almost every kind of furniture item that you buy. This hue would make your house feel better in general. Therefore, it is an essential for those who wish modern home designs that can help them get back to their roots. The green colored home décor ideas work very well when used in combination with white, green, orange and even shades of blue. This versatile color is enough for getting a great home design. Get started today!

Summer Home Decoration Trends

Summer Home Decoration TrendsThis summer, the focus in home decoration would be on the use of minimalistic designs and green colored furniture. These trends continue from the past year. People are trying to make their houses look more open and spacious. As a result, there is an increasing shift from the traditional furniture items that are bold and bulky. Now furniture is being used only as a subtle part of the home design and the attention is being paid to the overall looks of every room in the house. Quite evidently, people are now willing to use smaller, subtler and more practical items of furniture instead of stuffing their rooms with pieces that suit the eye, but not the décor. Therefore, this summer, you have to focus on buying furniture that only fulfills your needs. If furniture has to be used as a standalone decorative item, then focus more on creative and artistic furniture pieces. In this case, don’t use more than one such furniture item in the room and create two centers of attention in the room. One should be your usual dedicated space and the other one should be the designer furniture item.

One of the other most important things to be noticed in the modern furniture designs is that there are hundreds of home designs that would be available in the green hue. The summers are going to be hot and sweaty this season. Therefore, using cooler and more soothing colors like green would be a big advantage in your house. This color matches really well with the minimalistic home design ideas that are being followed these days. Plus, they would have an elegant aesthetic appeal as well. Green is classified as a cool color of healing and calmness. Moreover, it can be combined easily with whites to create beautiful décor. The white and green two-tone décor ideas would be ruling the trends this season. You would be using different hues of white and green in your furniture and furnishings to create cooler and calmer home designs that have an instant soothing effect on you.

As it becomes really difficult to go out in the harsh summer sun, the green décor would also give you a feeling of the outdoors and the natural environment. Moreover, the year would be dedicated to basic furniture only. The most essential furniture would be preferred this season and people who not wish to buy extra furniture for their homes. Moreover, even the furniture designs and patterns would be plainer and more basic in nature. This would help in creating a minimalistic home décor. Moreover, as the whole design concept would be based on the furnishings, fabrics and small decorative, it would become easier to change the look of the house.

Patterns on walls and furniture would also be appreciated a lot. Though it would present a striking contrast to the plain furnishings, you can mix and match these two trends to get great results. For example, using one patterned upholstery sofa chair with a plain couch would really leave a very dramatic effect on the living room décor.

Some Of The Best Nature Inspired Home Décor Ideas

Natural designs and theme has always been a favorite of hundreds of homeowners. In fact, any people are now moving towards these natural home designs in order to bring the elements of balance and harmony in their houses. These natural color themes are definitely great as they are more serene and soothing. You would have to incorporate these colors using wall paints, furniture, other furnishings and decorative items. The simplest way to add these color schemes in your house is using neutral colors like white and ivory as the base and then topping them up with more vibrant natural colors like blue, green and sometimes even red. Then, you have to invest in similar colors of furniture, curtains and other home accessories to get the desired look. Below, we would be discussing about the most popular natural home design ideas that are being followed these days.

  • Some Of The Best Nature Inspired Home Décor IdeasBeautiful sea shore home design- this color scheme is based entirely on blue. This is a very cool color and is very soothing to the eye and the mind. When you are recreating the sea shore environment in any of your rooms, you have to make sure that you don’t use too much of blue. Even on the beach, the blue skies and water is complemented by the golden brown sand grains. Therefore, you also have to adopt a similar décor in your house. If you are only using cool colors like blue, your room would start to appear very dull and boring. Therefore, introduce warmth with brown, beige, and sand yellow colors. The best procedure to follow should be the use of pale blue colors of the walls and a dark but warm brown when it comes to furniture.
  • The natural rainforest home décor- this kind of décor is also very popular these days. In fact, this theme is based on green, one of the hottest colors of this season. However, you have to follow a two color scheme here, which would be green and brown. If you take a walk in a park or some natural reserve, you would be finding these two colors to be the most dominant in the forest environment. The furniture should be a shade of wood bark brown while the rest of the décor should follow leaf green or forest green hues. This kind of home décor is prone to monotony and dullness as people often use very dark shades in their rooms. In order to avoid this, simply experiment more with hues. There are different shades of brown and green available in the market. Mix and match these shades until you get the right combination.
  • The sunshine home décor- this kind of home décor is based on warmer colors like yellow and tangerine. Use yellow on the walls that is accented by an off white paint. The furniture too should be yellow, white, deep honey brown or golden brown in color. You can even look for a combination of pastel or brighter shades of yellow and blue to get the desired sunshine look in the house.

An Autumn -Winter Inspired Living Room Décor Theme

An Autumn -Winter Inspired Living Room Décor ThemeThe holiday season has just started and winter is at its peak. We are sure that you must definitely be thinking about the ways in which you can be decorating your living room in a better way so that it reflects the feelings of this season. Winters are definitely times when the greenery comes to a rest and the world stays dormant under a white sheet of snow. However, this does not mean that your bedroom cannot adopt the warmth of spring in this season. Soon, the spring would start and you would get a chance to experience and even more beautiful atmosphere. Winter would be missed. This is why we are bringing an autumn-winter inspired living room décor idea that would be bringing a subtle splash of colors and a beautiful design to your bedroom.

The concept is very simple and unlike other ideas that use green, it is composed of different hues of green as well as blue and white. The décor is so simple and minimalistic that you would love to keep it in your hose all year long. To begin with, we would be starting with accented walls. The room would largely be off white in color, but it would be including bold patches of deep forest green as well. The paint would be textured and you must ensure to fill up some architectural details of your house with this color. Do not overdo green or it would be looking very full and Victorian. We are creating a modern minimalistic bedroom. Try to use plain white paint more than the textured green paint.

The curtains of the house should be yellowish green in color. These curtains must also include some kind of texture, preferably matching with the texture of the green textured paint. The couch should be very minimalistic and white in color. Do not go for anything too fancy. Just keep it as basic as possible. Now, use a small white side table on just one side of the couch. Top it up with a white lamp shade that has an electric blue lamp shade. There should be just one sofa chair adjacent to these furniture items. This sofa chair should also be yellowish green in color. As everything else is rather plain, you must go for a textured upholstery. However, do not go for embroidery. Just look for some prints and texture in the fabric of the upholstery.

The table should be made of metal and the tabletop should be rectangular and very thin. This should also be white in color. Use some electric blue and green colored decorative on the table and similar cushions on the couch and the sofa chair to complete the look. This theme is a wonderful mix of plain palettes and textured colors. As a result, you would be finding this home design to be extremely serene in nature. When you go for this kind of a home design, make sure that you are bringing in quality minimalistic furniture. This would help in creating a better look.

Learn Home Designs Based On Green Hues

Learn Home Designs Based On Green HuesHome designing is becoming more sophisticated and minimalistic by the day. These days, people are preferring designs that make their homes look unique and represent their personalities better. As there are hundreds of hues to choose from, people often get confused about what they must use in their own house. If you follow the popular trends, then you must certainly think about green. It is one of the most versatile colors that you can find around. It can be soothing, healing, rejuvenating, refreshing or anything else that you want it to be. This is the reason why green becomes a wildly popular color. The best thing about green is that you would be able to get innumerable home design ideas, furniture, furnishings and even decorative that match with this color.

Green can also symbolize growth and rebirth. Moreover, peace and energy are also associated with this hue often. However, using too much green is not the right thing to do. Most of the homeowners are fascinated by the qualities of this color because of which they use this color excessively in their house. As a result, the houses look dull instead of cool. You need to choose the color that matches with green very carefully. Green is one color that can be used with every other color available. You only have to focus on the right appeal that would come along with the combination. If we talk about the modern minimalistic designs, then green is definitely used more with white that with any other color. This color scheme is really light and peppy and looks equally good.

Brown is a traditional favorite with many people. Green walls with brown furniture is a very popular combination these days and is used extensively in living rooms, bedrooms and specially dining rooms. You can also chose colors like red, pink, blue, yellow, black and red to get the desired effects. Try to use different shades of green with the many shades of these colors to find a color scheme that would really suit your needs. In principle, green can be used anywhere in the house. You can even incorporate this color in your bathroom because of its beautiful looks. We suggest that you use green rugs whenever possible, especially if you have to cover a bigger area of the floor. This helps in making the floor look attractive and the room more spacious as well.

When you are not using green on your walls, then it is good to use green colored furniture in the house. This color is available both in wooden and metal furniture. Plus, you can always opt for painted rattan and plastic furniture. Particle boards, sheet woods or composite wood furniture items are also available in many hues of green. To some people, the green hue ban become overwhelming. If you are one of those and don’t want to be too experimental with your home design, then you can simply use green color accessories in your house. This would help you in bringing vivid colors and freshness in the house.

The Sunny Pastels Green Living Room

The Sunny Pastels Green Living RoomThe modern, minimalistic and antique home designs are all quite bold and leave a very heavy impact on the room. Believe it or not, the more design elements you bring in the room, the heavier would the room appear. Therefore, you must also look forward to some light themes for your house. Going cottage would definitely be a great relief to the eyes. This kind of furniture and home decoration themes are really light in color and they provide as much calmness and serenity as does a modern spacious home design. The best thing about this kind of décor is that you always feel an open and airy space inside the house which is really effective in saying goodbye to stress and all kinds of anxieties behind.

This is the reason why we have brought a new furniture and home design idea for you. This is based on the old timey cottage furniture design ideas. Moreover, it incorporates the hottest color of the season i.e. green, which makes it even more desirable and wonderful. The most important thing to be noted here is that the theme uses only pastel shades because of which the room keeps looking light and beautiful all the while. As usual, we would start with the walls of the room. The walls need to be painted in a very light and pastel shade of sky blue. The roof would remain a creamy white and there would be no accents on the walls. Color the whole room in blue. Now, chose very light yellow curtains. Make them sheer. You can even chose cream colored sheer curtains for the room.

Now, let us talk about the furniture to be kept in the room. Instead of choosing typical sofas, you need to choose storage style furniture that can be teamed up with some good padded upholstery to complete the look. This would help in maintaining a very minimalistic appeal in the room. The color of this kind of furniture should be a very dull shade of white. The thickly padded upholstery of the room should be very pale and pastel green in color. It would be great if you chose pistachio green for this purpose. Add a high and bold green colored ottoman as well. Finally, add a small and very basic deep brown colored center table in the room. You only need to give a few finishing touches to the room now.

Start by keeping dual tone cushions on the sofa. One color should be green and the other should be pale sunset yellow. You can even keep a couple of patterned cushions here. Chose two beautiful and simple lampshades as well. The base of the shades should be green while the shades should be yellow. The wall decorations that you use should be deeper shades of yellow and greens that you have used on the furniture. Use glass or crystal vases to decorate the center table and try to keep the windows opened at all times. This would complete a beautiful sunny pastel living room for you. Use the same principle in other rooms as well.

Find A Green Spa Bathroom At Home

Find A Green Spa Bathroom At HomeIf you love great home designs, then you definitely can’t ignore the bathroom. This is one of the most beautiful and sacred spaces in your house and if you really want some kind of great home décor, then you must first start thinking about your bathroom. The hottest color of this season is the most soothing as well. This color is green. The color has been able to make headlines this year and it is expected that it would continue to influence home designs for the next couple of years as well. The best thing about the green hue is that it is very relaxing and comforting. These qualities match perfectly with what every person is looking for in a good bathroom. So it is better that you use green in this space of your house and stay happy with what it has to provide you.

The green spa bathroom theme that we would be talking about is designed for more open bathrooms.  The more space you have, the more beautiful would this theme look. However, the theme is very minimalistic in nature. Therefore, even smaller bathrooms should not have much problem in accommodating the theme properly. However, in that case, you must use a slightly lighter shade of the green hue so that the hue doesn’t overwhelmed you on entering the bathroom. The idea is to paint one of the walls of the bathroom is citrus green color, also known as lime green. This is the most popular shade of green amongst designers and homeowners alike. Therefore, you must make sure that you are using this hue in your house to get a very trendy and modern design idea. If you wish, you can color two adjacent walls in this color. The rest of the walls must be painted either in white or in golden and grainy sand brown.

The bathtub or any of the bath fittings that you use in this bathroom should be off white in color. This would help you in creating a more beautiful and serene environment in the bathroom. Remember, you would have to be very careful in the usage of white here. Lime green and white complement each other really well, but you don’t have to use an excessive amount of white in the bathroom. It would be very difficult to clean and the room would look very mismatched as well. Use all bathroom decorative and furnishings in white and accent them with a very beautiful and pastel green or pistachio green to get a beautiful effect.

When everything else is complete, it is time to give a tangy twist to the bathroom. Use tangerine or orange colored bath accessories. The towels, curtains etc. should be orange or tangerine in color. You can chose between green and orange when it comes to rugs. If the floor is white, you can chose green. However, if the floor is some other color, then always opt for orange. Your soothing bathroom with a beautiful fruity tinge is ready now.