Friends Of Green-Color Combos We Like The Most

Friends Of Green-Color Combos We Like The MostGreen is one of the best and the most versatile colors that can be used in home decoration. The color is so beautiful and attractive, that you can use it in every room of your house with ease. There are absolutely no issues regarding the dearth of shades. When it comes to green, you can get an innumerable number of shades that match with every single color in existence. As a result, you are always left with plenty of options to choose from. Moreover, you are always able to get the right kind of effect when used with other colors. This might also confuse you at times. Green looks great with every color and you might not be able to decide the color it looks the best with. Don’t worry. We have prepared a small list of the colors that look perfect with green. You can use each of these colors in different areas of your house to create a great look. Let us learn more about these colors and their usage.

  • White- white is probably the best color that compliments green. These days, white is being used frequently in combination with lime green. This color combination helps you in getting the best of the furniture items and wall paints. The most popular style is using lime green walls with off white furniture. However, if you are using any lighter shades of green, then keep a check on white as the room would not look very good.
  • Brown- this is a traditional favorite. If you want to give a forest-like appearance to your room or if you don’t wish to be too experimental with the home design, then you can go for green colored walls that are ably matched with dark brown furniture. You can even use lighter shades of brown with any shade of green. Typically, dark brown would be suiting almost every shade of green that you have used. If you are decorating on a budget, then you won’t even have to change your house furniture to achieve this kind of a theme.
  • Purple- this year would be dedicated to green as well as purple. Therefore, you can definitely think about using purple with green. One color should be used sparingly than the other, otherwise you would never be able to achieve the right effect. Typically, the lighter and brighter shades of purple would match well with the deeper shades of green. Don’t go for deep purple walls and green furniture in any case, or even vice versa.
  • Black- if you want your space to look rich and affluent, then this is the combination that you must chose. Ideally, this combination is suitable more for the kitchen and bathroom than any other space-
  • Yellow- both green and yellow are very natural and sunny shades. Therefore, using them together would be a great idea. Always try to use similar shades and depth in both the color. If you opt for pastel green, go for pastel yellow and if you opt for lemon yellow, go for lime green.

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